About Us

Unique Steakhouse in Brockton

Sunrise Steakhouse, in Brockton, will provide you with some of the best tasting steak you will ever have with a great Caribbean touch. We are an established and long-serving Steakhouse with a fusion of Caribbean food that has put a smile on so many peoples' faces we’ve lost count. When you eat with us, we ...

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Why Choose Us

As always, getting the best cut of steak exactly right can be a daunting task and making it different and unique can be too. However, with us, we make this easy for you. We source our products carefully and with your satisfaction in mind and create the best combinations possible from flavours of different parts ...
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Our Steak

We are proud to say that our quality of meat is second to none and the prices are extremely friendly to your pocket. Our steak cuts include as many as you want and imagine. So, whatever type of steak you feel like eating, you can be certain that we have it. We are consistently receiving very positive feedback ...
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